Shree Guru Narasimha Temple


 Proposed Activites
Holy Chakra Theertha
As per Pushkara Khanda chapter of Padma purana taking holy dip in Chakra Theertha rids one of all diseases and fear of enemy. This Chakra Theertha is currently being renovated. An octagonal shaped, black granite rock construction is under progress. The estimated cost of this project is about Rs.45 lakhs.
Guest House
Saligrama Kshetra is situated around 20kms from Udupi (Dist Headquarters) and hence pilgrims from far off places need accomodation facilities. Hence the temple proposes to build a Guest house that can accomodate around 100 people. The estimated cost of this facility is Rs.45 lakhs.
A guest house with 12 full fledged rooms that can accomodate around 25 people has already been constructed in the car street of the temple and is serving the devottes of the temple.
Jnana Mandhir
"Nahijnanena Sadrusham" - The development of Jnana is one of the basic needs of life. To satisfy needs of Adyatmika, Adibowtika jnana a pravachan mandir, to encourage fine arts a kalamandir, to feed the devotees a Bojana mandir are needed. A Janana mandir is required to satisfy all these requirements. This building construction has just begun and the estimated cost for the same is Rs. 95 lakhs.
Infrastructure Development
To provide drinking water facilities construction of wells and overhead tanks is proposed. Constuction of flush toilets and bathrooms, electrification and illumination, flooring around the outer powli and landscaping of land on the estern side of the temple are other proposed development works. The estimated cost for all of them is Rs. 30 lakhs.
Charitable Hospital
The temple currently operates a free clinic for the benefit of the poor general public. Specialists from different medical branches render their service. Manipal Dental college also takes part in serving the dental patients. The temple intends to build and operate a full fledged charitable hospital in its own land, by sponsoring a separate charitable trust. The project is estimated for Rs. one crore.

 Completed Activites
Northern Powli (2008)
Artistic norther outer powli was completed in the year 2008. This powli consists of yaga shala, Bajana room, store room, three guest rooms, one ceramonial stage and sufficient open space for "samaradane". The approximate cost of this project was Rs. 35 lakhs. Out of this one of the trustee of the temple, Mr. Yajnanarayana Herle and family contributed Rs. 20 lakhs.
Southern Powli (2007)
A model southern powli was inagurated in the year 2007. The powli includes the store, kitchen room, open dinning area as well as administrative office rooms. The approximate cost of this project was Rs. 27 lakhs. Every span of this powli was contributed by the various devotees of the community by paying Rs one Lakh or more each.
Drinking water well (2007)
To fullfill the drinking water requirements of the temple, a huge 30 feet diameter water well to a depth of 35 feet was completed at an estimated cost of Rs. 10 lakhs. A submersible pump was installed and heavy water lines were laid for supply of water to Guest house of the temple situated on top of commercial complex at the end of car street. Donations were received from various people for the constuction of the water well and submersible pump.
Constuction of Road (2006)
A temporary road existed on the basement of the norther powli (now constructed) and bank of Chakra Theertha and was a major hindrance to the development of the temple. To enable reloaction of this temporary road, Koota Mahajagathu Saligrama(R) central committee purchased around 40 cents of land (around 10 cents of land is used for road) at an approximate cost of Rs. 5 laksh. The temple spent another one lakhs to construct the road on this new land. The new road includes the land donated by surrounding devotee land owners and temple "haddi" land also.
Guest House (2004)
To fecilitate the devotees from out of town a guest house with 6 independent rooms and one double room was constructed in 2004. Additional 5 single rooms and one double room was completed in the year 2008. Total investment for this construction was approximately 17.5 lakhs. The guest house can now accomodate around 25 people.
Renovation of Anjaneya Temple (2003)
The Anjaneya temple was reconstructed as per Tantra Shastra and brahmakalasha was done with an investment of Rs. 41.5 lakhs. The Brahamakalasha was done on 25-Apr-2003.
Swagatha Gopura (2003)
A beautiful and artistic swagata gopura serving as an icon of the temple was built with an investment of Rs. 5 lakhs by the initiation of Koota Maha Jagathu Saligrama (R) central committee with donation from a few donors.
Narasimha Vana & Sanitation (2003)
Temple did not have any land to make necessary sanitation arrangement. Koota Mahajagathu Saligrama(R) central committee purchased around 20 cents of land on the estern side of the temple by paying Rs. 4 lakhs and a sanitary waste water sink well was constructed by investing Rs. one and half lakhs by the Koota Mahajagathu itself. In this land a Narasimha vana having different varities of flowers was grown. Beautiful coconut plantation was done on the borders of the plot.
Navagraha Vana (2003)
A land for construction of Navagraha Vana and replanting the Ashwatta (people) Tree mentioned in the Kshetra Mahatme was arranged by Koota Maha Jagathu. This land mesaures 19 cents and is on the South East side of the temple.
Bojana Shelter (2003)
A shelter was constructed in between the eastern inner and outer powli with an investment of Rs. 1.5 lakhs by the contribution of the devotees.
Commercial Complex
A commercial complex named "Pavamana" was built near Anjaneya Temple, beside the car street adjacent to the Saligrama town main road.
Nagana katte (2001)
Nagana Katte was relocated from North Western side of the outer "angana" to the North Western side of Shanka Theertha with an investment of Rs. 1 lakh. This was done as per the findings of "Asta Mangala Prashne".
Garden Mesh Roofing(2000)
A garden mesh roofing was done enclosing the inner powli to avoid the birds flying inside the temple premises with an investment of Rs. 1.75 lakhs.
Granite Slab flooring (2000)
Outer "angana" was laid with Granite slabs with an investment of Rs. 4 lakhs by Koota Mahajagathu Saligrama (R) central committee.
Relaxing Shelter (1999)
In between the jogi Ambala and Hebbagilu there was a huge open empty place. To provide shelter to the devotees from rain and shine a super cool aluminium roofing arrangement was done by Koota Maha Jagathu with an investment of Rs. 2 lakhs.
Jogi Ambala (1999)
Existing ruined Jogi Ambala was reconstructed with strong and sturdy concrete structure. The Cost of this project was Rs. 8 lakhs.
Renovation of Shanka Theertha (1996)
The Shanka Theertha was renovated in the year 1996 with an expense of Rs. 2.5 lakhs. The activities conducted were removal of scap mud from the bottom of the lake and rescheduling the side granite walls.
Stepping stone of Koota Maha Jagathu Saligrama(R) Central Committee in the Developments of the temple (1995)
Koota Maha Jagathu Saligrama(R) central committee renovated the Roof of Inner Powli Western side in the year 1995 at an estimated cost of Rs. 1.5 lakhs. With this activity Koota Maha Jagathu Saligrama (R) central committee started taking active role in the development of the temple.
Renovation of Sanctum Santorum (1970)
The Sanctum santorum of the temple was renoved with granite stone in the year 1970 by Koota Maha Jagathu (R) Bangalore Branch and in 1971 Namaskara Mantapa was constructed. In 1973 the stone "Dwaja Stambha" was installed. In the same year ganite slab was laid for the inner "angana" and some portion of the outer "angana".

 Birds Eye View - Vision of First Vishwa Koota Sammelana