Shree Guru Narasimha Temple


Shree Guru Narasimha
Sri Yogananda Narasimha idol is facing west and has its right hand holding chakra(disc) and its left hand holding shanka (conch). The picture shows the original artistic idol with prabhavali. Historian Late Dr. P. Gururaja Bhat has identified this idol as one among the ancient idols available in Karnataka and has assigned it to the eight century A.D.
Shree Anajaneya Swami
Facing the Narasimha idol is the idol of Anjaneya. It was installed in the recently renovated granite stonewalled temple. It is located at the end of the car street (in the middle of the town). The idol of Anajaneya is smeared with buttor and Sindhoor before the morning pooja is performed. The public vow to perform Rangapooja if they get good harvest, or marriage and other auspicious functions are performed or they get over any difficult situation successfully.
Shree Maha Ganapathi
At the northern side powli (North West) is installed Ganapathi idol which is worshipped every day.
Shree Duga Devi
At the Souther side powli (South West) is installed Durga Parameshwari idol which is worshipped every day.