Koota Bandhu Bimonthly Magazine

Koota Bandhu...

A devotional bimonthly magazine was started by Koota Mahajagathu Saligrama ® under the name Koota Bandhu . A separate trust to run this magazine was later spawned and is named Koota Bandhu Trust ®.This trust has been bringing out the magazine which is the mouthpiece of Koota Brahmins community living the world wide. It has helped the members of the community to come together. The magazine gives news under the following subheadings

  • Sannidhi: The news about Lord Sri Gurunarasimha (Collected from upaniehads purane shlokas)
  • Prajnana: A glimpse of vedic letereture, news about vedic education centres
  • Sujnana: Collection of devotional items from diffeent magazine.
  • Our Society: The social customs practise of Kota Brahmin community.
  • Our organization: Information about importance, speciality, history of Koota Maha Jagathu and news from different branches about social activities conducted by them.
  • Sadhviloka: Service activities of our women, their problems and solutions
  • Bala Vikasa: About activities of makkala Koota and moral stories.
  • Kalyanna Vedika: Information about marrigable bride and groom.
  • Special Events: There are detailes of interviews with important people and introduction to life time achievers.
  • Vartha Sanchaya: Development activities of Sri Guru Narasimha Temple, news about important events in our temple in branches of Koota Maha Jagathu report on society functions.
  • Brahmin Culture: Section with information about Sadaachara, Sandhyavandane, Gayathri, Brahmayajna Pooja etc.

The first issue of Koota Bandhu was released on January 15, 1996 at the time of saligrama temple car festival by the eleder of our community, Jnana pita award winer and wellknown novelist Dr.Shivarama Karanth.